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  • Tea & Coffee Cups
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Disposable Glass & Lid

Glass & Lid

The appeal of a drink is largely influenced by how it is served, and we at Prithvi truly appreciate this. Our stylish disposable glasses of superior quality are a hygienic, convenient and cost-effective alternative for any event or for regular use.

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Disposable Tea & Coffee Cups

Tea & Coffee Cups

Breakable tea and coffee cups are not feasible everywhere and so we offer you the perfect alternative. Best quality granules and state-of-the-art machinery combine to give a wide range of plastic tea and coffee cups that are heat resistant. These clear cups are especially popular in restaurants, cafes and even in the travel industry.

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Disposable Bowls & Plate

Bowls & Plate

Serve salads, fruits and desserts in style, with our unique range of Polypropylene (PP) and High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) bowls. Popular in parties, cafeterias and take-away restaurants, their innovative designs make every dish more delightful!

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Disposable Sweet Box

Sweet Box

Every occasion or festival is incomplete without a sweet. Our sweet boxes are specially designed keeping in mind Indian sweets, which mostly contain ghee, milk, etc. Food-safe and hygienic, ensure your sweets remain fresh with these disposable boxes.

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Disposable Meal Trays

Meal Trays

Indian meals are an extensive affair, with several courses and multiple dishes. Serving such meals outdoors can therefore be cumbersome and may require more than one container. Our collection of disposable meal trays featuring multiple compartments are the best alternative for this.

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Disposable New Products

New Products

Aiming to offer convenience without compromising on hygiene and quality, we have created a range of innovative products that will enhance and optimise your customer service. These are useful mainly in eateries, cafes and in the travel industry.

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Printing On Plastic Glasses


For the food and beverage, and travel and hospitality industry, the most important aspect after quality and convenience is the visual appeal. At Prithvi, we understand the significance of visual appeal of food and drinks and its influence on appetite and taste. Therefore, we have created a unique method to personalize your brand, create your identity and reflect your brand’s values.

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About Us

Prithvi Polymers believes in quality, right from designing to delivering our food-friendly plastic serving ware. We manufacture a range of disposable, reusable and recyclable plastic containers like glasses, cups, bowls, meal trays, sweet boxes and more. Employing advanced thermoforming technology, high-quality raw materials and superior supply chain and logistics; we ensure that each cup or bowl is created with perfection.

All the products by Prithvi Polymers have been through this test ensuring that the products do not include any subsequent substance added by the converter or any other agency. Food Contact Application is a test for food packaging and food contact material that ensures the quality, safety and performance of the packaging products.

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Why Us

Prithvi Polymers is the primary choice of businesses in the food and beverage, travel, and hospitality industry. Our relationship with our customers is beyond transactional; we become their partners in serving. We have established a loyal customer base, and continue to attract clientele due to our :

  • Superior quality products
  • Adherence to food safety standards and guidelines
  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliable and timely deliveries
  • Innovative and customized offerings
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Food Contact Application is a test for food packaging and food contact material that ensures the quality, safety and performance of the packaging products.

Our products have also undergone Centre of Skilling and Technical Support (CSTS) Test that ensures that every product is made using high-quality polypropylene material that can be reused and recycled.

Clients Testimonials
  • Getting in touch with Prithvi has been a blessing for us.
    Their fresh ideas and innovative products have helped us leverage our sales.

    Marketing Manager of a popular confectionary
  • Quality assurance and timely delivery attracted us to Prithvi,
    and we continue to partner with them for these reasons.

    Owner of a fresh juice outlet
  • By using Prithvi products, we have streamlined our customer flow.
    Earlier, we had to say no to our customers due to space constraint. But now they can take away their dish.

    Owner of a bakery and food joint
  • Bulk orders are available at reasonable prices and delivered on time. These are essential for our nature of business and we are delighted with Prithvi’s service.

    Sales & Distribution Manager of a catering company